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Conservatives, Liberals and NDP nominate full slates of ndidates in Alberta.

The filing deadlines have passed and it appears as though Elections nada has released the final list of ndidates who will be listed on the ballot in the September 20, 2021 federal election.

As of tonight, the Conservatives, Liberals and New Democratic Party are the only parties to have nominated a full slate of 34 ndidates in Alberta. The People’s Party, which previously announced a full-slate, fell one ndidate short with no nominee in lgary-Centre.

Total nominated federal election ndidates in Alberta

Conservative Party: 34/34
Liberal Party: 34/34
New Democratic Party: 34/34
People’s Party: 33/34
Green Party: 22/34
Maverick Party: 19/34
Marxist-Leninist: 7/34
Libertarian Party: 6/34
Christian Heritage: 5/34
Rhinoceros Party: 4/34
Veterans Coalition Party: 4/34
Communist Party: 3/34
National Citizens Alliance: 2/34
Centrist Party: 1/34

Here are some of the final ndidates to be added to the list of federal election ndidates in Alberta:

The NDP has nominated Sarah Zagoda in Banff-Airdrie, CRPNA President Tonya Ratushniak in Battle River-Crowfoot, Michael MacLean in Bow River, Kiera Gunn in lgary-Forest Lawn, Kathleen Johnson in lgary-Heritage, Jena Diane Kieren in lgary-Rocky Ridge, Raj Jessel in lgary-Shepard, Michelle Traxel in Foothills, Garnett Robinson in Fort McMurray-Cold Lake, Jennifer Villebrun in Grande Prairie-Mackenzie, Elaine Perez in Lethbridge, Jocelyn Stenger in Medicine Hat-rdston-Warner, Guillaume Roy in Yellowhead.

The Green Party nominated Brett Rogers in Foothills, Kira Brunner?in Lakeland, Diandra Bruised Head in Medicine Hat-rdston-Warner, Jordan MacDougall in Peace River-Westlock, Heather Lau in Edmonton-Griesbach, Malka Labell in lgary-Heritage, and Keiran Corrigall in lgary-Signal Hill.

The Maverick Party nominated John Wetterstrand in Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan to replace previously named ndidate John Kuhn, who dropped out last month.

Independent ndidate roline O’Driscoll is running in Banff-Airdrie.

The Veterans Coalition Party has named ndidates John Irwin in Battle River-Crowfoot, and Hughie Shane Whitmore in Fort McMurray-Cold Lake.

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NOW! 50 years since historic 1971 election that launched Peter Lougheed into the Premier’s Office

On August 30, 1971, the Progressive Conservative Party led by 43-year old lgary lawyer Peter Lougheed were rocketed into government when they unseated the 36-year old Social Credit government led by 57-year old Harry Strom.

The front page of the lgary Herald on August 31, 1971.The front page of the lgary Herald on August 31, 1971.

It was a shift that, until recently, had happened only once every generation in Alberta: a change in government.

Lougheed’s election represented a generational shift, with the voting age dropping from 21 to 18 years old for the first time, and an urban shift, with a handful of new urban districts added to the electoral map dislodging the disproportionate rural majority that had dominated Alberta’s elections until that point.?

As Ernest Manning’s successor, Strom inherited an aging dynasty that had governed Alberta since 1935. While he appeared open to new ideas, modernizing the long-in-the-tooth Socred government was a tall order.

In contrast, Lougheed embodied new ideas of a younger Alberta – or at least that’s what the mythology of that election tells us. His mpaign was made for TV and the telegenic Lougheed could be frequently seen “main streeting” and running from door to door while nvassing for his party’s ndidates.?

Social Credit tried to revitalize their look, with go-go girls and live bands at their election rallies, but once voters decided that change was needed it was impossible for Strom to turn that around. And the iconic NOW! slogan of Lougheed’s mpaign tapped into that feeling.

The Lougheed PCs were not alone. They had the financial backing of corporate lgary, including generous support from the Mannix Corporation, which employed Lougheed before he was first elected to the Legislature in 1967.

Alberta Social Credit 1971 Election Ad "Experienced. Respected. A New Kind of Leader. Harry Strom"Alberta Social Credit 1971 Election Ad “Experienced. Respected. A New Kind of Leader. Harry Strom”

The PCs won with 49 seats and 46.4?per cent of the popular vote, sweeping out Social Credit, which, with 25 seats and 41.1 per cent of the vote formed the Official Opposition for the first time. While the Social Credit Party would wither in the opposition benches and eventually shrink into a 4 MLA rump that would survive until the early 1980s, Lougheed’s first victory transformed Alberta politics for the next five dedes.

The PCs would form commanding majorities until their defeat to Rachel Notley’s New Democratic Party in 2015.

Also elected in 1971 was NDP leader Grant Notley, who would represent the northern rural district of Spirit River-Fairview until 1984. The NDP narrowly missed out electing a few other MLAs in this election, and Notley would remain the party’s only MLA – and the only social democratic voice in the Legislature – until Ray Martin was elected in Edmonton-Norwood in 1982.

The Alberta Liberal Party, which had formed Official Opposition before Lougheed’s PCs earned the spot in 1967, were wiped off the politil map and would remain in the politil wilderness until 1986.

In politics timing is everything, and Lougheed lucked out. Massive windfalls in oil and gas revenues led to overflowing government coffers, allowing the PC government to make major investments in public infrastructure like hospitals, schools, universities and colleges. The Lougheed PCs founded the The Banff Centre, the Kananaskis Country recreation area, and even bought an airline – Pacific Western Airlines.

Alberta Progressive Conservative Rally Ad 1971 ElectionAlberta Progressive Conservative Rally Ad 1971 Election

Lougheed’s government introduced a Bill of Rights, created the Legislature Hansard, and dissolved the notorious Alberta Eugenics Board.

The difference between Lougheed and some of his successors in Alberta’s Conservative dynasty was his belief that government had a positive role to play in society (a Reform Party Member of Parliament named Jason Kenney once criticized Lougheed’s legacy of “neo-Stalinist make-work projects.”)

Lougheed believed Alberta should behave like an owner of our oil and gas resources and that the government should collect its fair share of revenues. Royalty revenues were much higher than today, peaking at 40 per cent during his time as Premier. The oil companies complained but Lougheed was persistent.

“This is a sale of a depleting resource that’s owned by the people. Once a barrel of oil goes down the pipeline it’s gone forever. It’s like a farmer selling off his topsoil,” Lougheed once said.

Alberta Progressive Conservatives 1971 Election Ad "Peter Lougheed - Now"Alberta Progressive Conservatives 1971 Election Ad “Peter Lougheed – Now”

Lougheed’s government also negotiated landmark financial investments from the federal government and the Ontario government in the oil sands that kickstarted development of the deposits when private investors would not take the risk. These government investments in Alberta’s oil industry likely helped save companies like Suncor when the international price of oil plummeted in the 1980s.

Relations between Lougheed’s government and Ottawa soured following the introduction of the National Energy Program, creating a politil wedge that Conservative leaders have continued to crank ever since. But he always made sure he was seen as advoting for Alberta in a strong nada and was a key player during the Constitution-making negotiations of the early 1980s.

The Heritage Savings Trust Fund is one of Lougheed’s biggest legacies. Today the trust fund is seen as a visionary move to save money for future generations of Albertans, which it is in a way, but it was also a result of a government that at one point literally had more money that it knew what to do with.

Lougheed commanded the loyalty of his binet, ucus and party – which built a politil dynasty that would span four dedes but also gave him a bit of an autocratic reputation.

PC MLAs would be required to share frequent lol membership and fundraising updates with the Premier’s Office and Lougheed was known to make monthly lls with lol PC Party association presidents in order to create a system of accountability with his lol leaders. And there have also been stories that Lougheed kept undated and signed letters of resignation from his binet ministers in order to avoid having to fire anyone who beme a politil liability.

There is a melot-like mythology to Lougheed’s time in office. He towers over Alberta politics in ways that more recently popular leaders like Ralph Klein do not. While Klein was a populist, Lougheed was a builder. The oil money sure helped, but so did having a vision for making this province a better place.

Day Light Saving Time Referendum

Nothing is new under the prairie sun. In 1971, Albertans voted to adopt Daylight Saving Time in a province-wide referendum after voting against DST in a 1967 referendum. This October 2021, Albertans will vote whether to abandon the time change and permanently adopt Daylight Saving Time.

Newspaper Election Ads from 1971

Alberta Progressive Conservative lgary ndidates 1971 Election Ad "Now is the time for a breakthrough"Alberta Progressive Conservative 1971 Election Ad “Now is the time for a breakthrough”
Alberta Social Credit 1971 Election mpaign Ad "A New Kind of Leader"Alberta Social Credit 1971 Election mpaign Ad “A New Kind of Leader”
Alberta NDP 1971 Election Ad "You owe it to yourself"Alberta NDP 1971 Election Ad “You owe it to yourself”
Alberta Liberal Party lgary ndidates 1971 Election AdAlberta Liberal Party lgary ndidates 1971 Election Ad
Alberta Social Credit Rally Ad 1971 ElectionAlberta Social Credit Rally Ad 1971 Election
Alberta Social Credit 1971 Election mpaign Ad "We've Changed"Alberta Social Credit 1971 Election mpaign Ad “We’ve Changed”
Alberta Social Credit 1971 Election Ad "Taking Things for Granted"Alberta Social Credit 1971 Election Ad “Taking Things for Granted”
Alberta Social Credit 1971 Election Ad "It's a Big Decision"Alberta Social Credit 1971 Election Ad “It’s a Big Decision”
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NDP nominate 4 more federal election ndidates in Alberta, Nigel Logan wins contested vote in Edmonton-Mill Woods

Another quick federal election ndidate nomination update this morning:

  • Nigel Logan defeated Satbir Singh in a contested online nomination vote in Edmonton-Mill Woods. Logan was the NDP ndidate in this district in the 2019 federal election and ran for city council in 2017.
  • Patrick King has been nominated as the NDP ndidate in lgary-Signal Hill. King was the NDP ndidate in lgary-Nose Hill in the 2019 federal election.
  • Sarah Zagoda has been nominated as the NDP ndidate in Banff-Airdrie.
  • Tanya Heyden-Kaye has been nominated as the NDP ndidate in Red Deer-Lacombe.
  • Joan Barnes is running as an Independent ndidate in Red Deer-Lacombe.
  • Clayten Willington is running as an Independent ndidate in Red Deer-Mountain View
  • Scott Fea is running for the Rhinoceros Party in lgary-Centre.
  • Maverick Party ndidate Fred Sirett has listed his name as Frederick Frederick on the ballot in Lakeland, according to his listing on the Elections nada website.

Thank you to everyone who has sent me updates about new ndidate nominations. I’ll be back on Monday with more nomination updates. Have a great weekend.

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Greens, Maverick and NDP tied with 18 federal ndidates in Alberta, so far.

Just a quick federal ndidate nomination update this morning:

  • The Green Party has nominated Judson Hansell in lgary-Nose Hill, Gianne Broughton in Edmonton-Manning, and John Redins in St. Albert-Edmonton.
  • Harry Joujan has been nominated as the Maverick Party ndidate in Red Deer-Lacombe.
  • The right-wing National Citizens Alliance has nominated leader Stephen Garvey in lgary-Nose Hill, and Jesse Hal in lgary-Shepard.
  • Ron Voss is running as an Independent ndidate in Banff-Airdrie.

As noted in my previous post, the Conservatives, Liberals and People’s Party have nominated full slates of 34 ndidates in Alberta, with the other parties playing tch up. As of this morning, the Greens, Maverick Party and NDP have 18 ndidates nominated across Alberta.

The Greens and NDP are expected to nominate more ndidates but we might not see many more new ndidates from the Maverick Party, which has pledged to only run ndidates in districts they deem to be safe for the Conservatives in Alberta (which is a good strategy if your goal is to be irrelevant in the election, in my opinion – more on this soon).

I am still waiting to hear the results of last night’s contested NDP nomination meeting in Edmonton-Mill Woods.

Urban-Rural Sign Contrast

There are no shortage of NDP-orange Blake Desjarlais lawn signs in my home riding of Edmonton-Griesbach (I’m told Desjarlais’ mpaign distributed more than 870 lawn signs on the day the election was lled) but spending some time out of the city yesterday I spotted plenty of Conservative-blue Dane Lloyd, Gerald Soroka and Arnold Viersen?signs along the highways and range roads.

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Liberals now have a full slate of federal election ndidates in Alberta

The Liberal Party has filled its slate of 34 ndidates in Alberta will the nominations of m Macdonald in lgary Shepard and David Ondieki in Red Deer-Lacombe. The Liberals are the third party, after the Conservative Party and the People’s Party, to nominate a ndidate in every district in Alberta.

The other parties are still nominating their ndidates and have until August 30, 2021 to submit their papers to Elections nada in order to be on the federal election ballot.

Recently nominated ndidates include:

  • Kendra Mills is the NDP ndidate in Sturgeon River-Parkland.
  • The Libertarian Party has nominated deputy party leader Darcy Gerow in lgary Heritage, Valerie Keefe in Edmonton Centre and Matthew Watson in Red Deer-Lacombe.
  • The Veterans Coalition Party has nominated Misty Wind Shingoose in Red Deer-Mountain View.

New Senate Nominee ndidate

Jeff Nielsen has filed his papers to run in the Senate Nominee election happening on October 18, 2021. Nielsen is the former president of the Western Barley Growers Association and past chair of the Grain Growers of nada.

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City Councillor Rob Miyashiro running for Alberta NDP nomination in Lethbridge-East

Rob Miyashiro Alberta NDP Lethbridge-EastRob Miyashiro (source: City of Lethbridge website)

Lethbridge City Councillor Rob Miyashiro is running for Alberta NDP nomination in Lethbridge-East.

Miyashiro has served on Lethbridge City Council since 2013 and is the executive director of the Lethbridge Senior Citizens Organization. He has been a vol supporter of harm-reduction programs like Lethbridge’s safe consumption site and in 2020 co-sponsored a by-law banning conversion therapy in Lethbridge.

“Not only has Jason Kenney downloaded costs onto cities like Lethbridge, but he has also failed to deliver on his promise of economic prosperity and jobs,” Miyashiro said in a press release.

Rachel [Notley] is a good leader, she was a great Premier, and an NDP government will work for a truly diversified economy with good paying jobs for our community for years to come,” Miyashiro said.

Nathan Neudorf Lethbridge East UCP MLANathan Neudorf

This will be Miyashiro’s second time running in Lethbridge-East. He was the Alberta Liberal ndidate in the district in the 2012 provincial election, placing third with 14.6 per cent of the vote behind Progressive Conservative ndidate Bridget Pastoor, who crossed the floor from the Liberals in 2011, and Wildrose Party ndidate Kent Prestage.

The district is currently represented by United Conservative Party MLA Nathan Neudorf, who was recently elected as Chair of the UCP ucus following Todd Loewen’s resignation and expulsion from the UCP ucus. Neudorf was first elected in 2019 after defeating one-term NDP MLA Maria Fitzpatrick.

Lethbridge-East has a unique voting history for a district in southern Alberta.

Ken Nicol MLA Lethbridge East LiberalKen Nicol

Lethbridge’s electoral history is more liberal-leaning than most of southern Alberta, likely due to the influence of the University of Lethbridge and Lethbridge College and a large number of public sector workers in the city.

Even during Ralph Klein’s time as Premier, the Liberals either won a plurality of the votes or matched the PC vote in the city, mostly due to the large margins of victory earned by popular Lethbridge-East MLAs Ken Nicol and Pastoor.

Nicol represented Lethbridge-East from 1993 until he jumped into federal politics in 2004.

The popular former U of L Agriculture professor with Kenny Loggins-looks first ran for the Liberal Party leadership in 1998 and later led the party and the Official Opposition from 2001 to 2004.

Bridget Pastoor Lethbridge-East MLABridget Pastoor

The soft-spoken Nicol inherited a debt-ridden party and ucus of mostly Edmonton MLAs who survived a crushing defeat in the 2001 election. And, unlike most of his Liberal colleagues, Nicol’s personal popularity in Lethbridge helped him earn a wide margin of victory in that election.

Pastoor, a Registered Nurse and popular former city councillor, was elected as a Liberal in 2004 and 2008 and later as a PC ndidate in 2012 after she crossed the floor. Pastoor was succeeded by Fitzpatrick in 2015 and served until she was defeated in 2019 by Neudorf.

NDP MLA Shannon Phillips represents the neighbouring Lethbridge-West district.

Election results in Lethbridge-East from 1986 to 2019.Election results in Lethbridge-East from 1986 to 2019.
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Liberals nominate 3 new ndidates in Alberta, NDP to hold contested nomination vote in Edmonton-Mill Woods

It’s been eight days since the federal election was lled but most parties are still nominating ndidates in Alberta, a province where barring a tastrophe (or a miracle – depending on your politil inclinations) the Conservatives are expected to be elected in most of the electoral districts.

Here are the latest federal ndidates to be nominated in Alberta:

  • The Liberal Party has nominated Abdifatah Abdiin in Fort McMurray-Cold Lake, Irene Walker in Sturgeon River-Parkland, and Sheila Schumacher in Yellowhead.
  • The federal NDP have a contested nomination race in Edmonton-Mill Woods. Nigel Logan and Satbir Singh will face an online vote of the lol membership on August 25.
  • The Green Party has nominated Kerri Coombs in Red Deer-Lacombe and Sheldon Perris in Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan.
  • The People’s Party completed its slate of 34 ndidates in Alberta with the nomination of Shawn McDonald in Fort McMurray-Cold Lake.
  • The Rhinoceros Party has nominated Vanessa Wang in lgary-Nose Hill.

These new ndidates have been added to the updated list of nominated federal election ndidates in Alberta. Please drop a comment below if I am missing anyone. Thank you.

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Erin O’Toole comes to Alberta amid Fort McMurray revolt against Laila Goodridge

Conservative Party leader Erin O’Toole is making a mpaign stop in Edmonton-Centre on August 21 as part of his Western nada tour. O’Toole’s will hold an event at the Winnifred Stewart Foundation tomorrow morning, likely with lol ndidate James Cumming who is facing a challenge from former Liberal MP Randy Boissonnault?and former public school board trustee Heather Mackenzie, who is running for the NDP.

Laila Goodridge Fort McMurray-Cold Lake Laila Goodridge

O’Toole’s first stop in Alberta during the election mpaign will come a day after the board of directors of the Fort McMurray-Cold Lake Conservative association released a public letter disagreeing with the party’s decision to appoint Fort McMurray-Lac La Biche United Conservative Party MLA Laila Goodridge as the district’s ndidate following MP David Yurdiga’s writ day decision to not seek re-election. Yurdiga had already been nominated as the Conservative ndidate earlier this year but decided to withdraw beuse of health reasons.

The unsigned letter titled as an “Official Board Press Statement” states that “The Fort McMurray-Cold Lake EDA does not support or recognize the undemocratic appointment of the current ndidate. This appointment severely undermines the fundamental values of conservatives and everyone’s constitutional right to democracy. Our constituents were cheated of the opportunity to democratilly select their ndidate and were FORCED by the by the party on who will represent them. Many qualified ndidates were not given the opportunity to apply not were their conservative views vetted by the lol Board.”

The statement from the Fort McMurray-Cold Lake Conservative Electoral District Association.The statement from the Fort McMurray-Cold Lake Conservative Electoral District Association.

Conservative sources say that the nomination rules permit the party to appoint a ndidate after an election is lled and that an expedited nomination meeting was not possible due the vancy in the regional organizer position. It was expected that a nomination race in Fort McMurray-Cold Lake, even a rushed one, would be highly competitive and attract many voting members, requiring signifint logistics and organizational support from the party.

The sources say the party has reached out to the disgruntled lol board but has not received a response.

Goodridge is currently only facing Maverick Party ndidate Jonathan Meyers,? People’s Party ndidate Shawn McDonald, and Green Party ndidate Brian Deheer. The Liberals and NDP have not yet named ndidates in the north east Alberta district.

Jason Kenney Andrew Scheer Alberta ElectionAndrew Scheer and Jason Kenney at a mpaign rally in Edmonton-Centre in 2019.

Meanwhile, back in Edmonton, it does not look like O’Toole will be joined tomorrow by Alberta Premier Jason Kenney.

Kenney was one of O’Toole’s most enthusiastic supporters during the 2020 Conservative leadership race but has uncharacteristilly gone “on vation” during the first week of the federal election.

Kenney last appearance at a public event was a government announcement in La Crete on August 10 ahead of a UCP “town hall” fundraiser in support of Peace River UCP MLA Dan Williams that featured a the Premier and a handful of binet ministers.

The Alberta Premier’s plummeting popularity has made him a punching bag in this federal mpaign, with both Liberal leader Justin Trudeau and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh criticizing Kenney during mpaign stops in Alberta yesterday. Kenney’s absence also means he avoids any questions from reporters about the growing number of COVID-19 ses and hospitalizations, Grande Prairie MLA Tracy Allard speaking out against the province’s new draft K-12 curriculum, or former MLA Donna Kennedy-Glans being removed from the board of the Banff Centre.

This is a big contrast from the 2019 federal election, when Kenney spent a week mpaigning for Conservative ndidates in Ontario and Manitoba and appeared hand in hand with then-leader Andrew Scheer on stage at a rally outside of Cumming’s Jasper Avenue mpaign office.

Brian Jean is still around too

Brian Jean lgary Stampede AlbertaBrian Jean

The lol revolt against Goodridge’s nomination comes the day after former Fort McMurray MP and MLA Brian Jean unleashed a 23 tweet thread lling for the creation of something resembling the Saskatchewan Party. It has been rumoured that Jean may be considering seeking the leadership of the Alberta Party.

City of Brooks Mayor and former AUMA President Barry Morishita announced his ndidacy for the Alberta Party leadership last week.

New ndidates

  • Donna Lynn Smith has been nominated as the Liberal Party ndidate in Edmonton-Manning.
  • The Rhinoceros Party has nominated Travis Jones in Edmonton-Manning and Lus Rhinocerotidae Anderson in Edmonton-Riverbend.
  • Kim Siever is running as an Independent ndidate in Lethbridge.
  • triona Wright is running for the Green Party in lgary-Rocky Ridge.

I am maintaining an updated list of nominated federal election ndidates in Alberta. Please drop a comment below if I am missing anyone. Thank you.

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Jagmeet Singh leverages Jason Kenney’s unpopularity during full-day stop in Edmonton-Griesbach

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh spent today mpaigning in Edmonton-Griesbach with lol ndidate Blake Desjarlais, who the party believes is in a position to defeat Conservative ndidate Kerry Diotte.

Jagmeet Singh speaks to Alberta nurses and health re workers.

Singh started the day with a health re announcement outside the East Edmonton Health Centre with Desjarlais, Edmonton-Strathcona MP Heather McPherson and a group of nurses and health re workers.

During his announcement Singh criticized the Liberals for not doing enough to improve affordability of long-term re and hold the corporations that run long-term re centres to account after outbreaks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“He voted against getting rid of profit from long-term re, making it clear he would rather protect the interests of the for-profit, billion-dollar corporations that profit off the backs of seniors, rather than putting seniors first,” Singh said.

Blake Desjarlais

This puts Justin Trudeau, who made his own seniors re announcement in Victoria today, in a difficult position of not wanting to engage in an important but largely provincial issue that could sour relations with other provincial governments, like Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia.

As noted in my previous post, unlike the last federal election mpaign, Alberta NDP MLAs are mpaigning alongside some federal NDP ndidates in this election.

Edmonton-Highlands-Norwood MLA Janis Irwin, Edmonton-Glenora MLA Sarah Hoffman, and Edmonton-South MLA Thomas Dang were at an afternoon rally outside the Bellevue Community Hall where a crowd of NDP supporters gathered to cheer on Singh, Desjarlais and other areas ndidates, including Edmonton-Centre ndidate and former public school board trustee Heather Mackenzie.

This is a signifint shift in federal-provincial NDP relations, which were much frostier during the 2019 federal election when the dominant issues were the rbon tax and pipelines.

Jason Kenney (source: Facebook)Jason Kenney (source: Facebook)

In another sign of changing times, Singh used his visit to Alberta to leverage the declining popularity of Premier Jason Kenney, especially on his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and his decision to attack frontline nurses, doctors, and health re workers.

Kenney has been conspicuously missing from the mpaign trail, scheduling a vation instead (when he returns he will be without a Principal Secretary, as Larry Kaumeyer is leaving the Premier’s Office to become the new head of Ducks Unlimited).

While Kenney will likely pop up mpaigning for a ndidate somewhere, it is a considerable difference from 2019 when the Alberta Premier spent an entire week mpaigning for Conservative Party ndidates in Ontario and Manitoba.

In 2019, Kenney was seen as an asset for Andrew Scheer. In 2021, he might be a liability for Erin O’Toole.

Trudeau touches down in lgary-Skyview

Justin Trudeau and George Chahal (source: Twitter)

Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau’s plane touched down in lgary tonight to make a quick mpaign stop in support of lgary-Skyview ndidate and City Councillor George Chahal.

“With the right representation, we n build prosperous communities. We need to diversify our economy, invest in infrastructure like we did with Airport Trail and the Green Line and we must continue to do so with public infrastructure such as the expansion of the Blue Line, Arts Common, and the development of the multi-sport fieldhouse at the Foothills Athletic Park,” said Chahal in a press release following the event.

Voters in the district, in which the lgary International Airport is loted, elected former Liberal MLA Darshan Kang in 2015 and Conservative Jag Sahota in 2019.

Banff gets a new kind of tourist

Supported by former Conservative MPs Rob Anders and Eric Lowther, Ontario MP Derek Sloan announced his plans to run as an Independent ndidate in Banff-Airdrie.

The first-term former Conservative from southeast Ontario has been travelling around Alberta for the past month speaking at rallies of anti-vaxxer and COVID-19 conspiracy theorists.

The politil tourist claims he wants to “Make Alberta Great Again.”

Sloan will challenge Conservative MP Blake Richards, who was re-elected in 2019 with 71.09 per cent of the vote.

ndidates say the dumbest things

We have not entered the “airing of dumb things ndidates have said on social media” phase of the federal election mpaign. The Conservative Party released a statement from lgary-Nose Hill ndidate Michelle Rempel Garner attacking Liberal ndidate Jessi Dale-Walker for a March 2020 tweet that said “Fit in or fuck off. We Alberta need to start fitting in. Beuse quite frankly, we are not as superior as our government touts.”

Dale-Walker responded, in a tweet: My tweet last summer was thoughtless and wrong. Thats certainly not how i feel today. I want to be absolutely clear I am double vaccinated and I believe all nadians, who n, should be. If my brash comments used anyone to think otherwise, I apologize.”

New ndidates

  • Hugo Charles has been nominated as the NDP ndidate in Edmonton-Wetaskiwin.
  • Kelly Green has been nominated as the Green Party ndidate in Edmonton-Strathcona.
  • The Libertarian Party has nominated Morgan Watson in Edmonton-Griesbach and Malcolm Stinson in Edmonton-Strathcona.

  • The People’s Party has nominated Jacob Cohen in lgary-Centre, Dwayne Holub in lgary-Forest Lawn, Ron Vaillant in lgary-Shepard, Nicholas Debrey in lgary-Signal Hill, Brock Crocker in Edmonton-Centre, Martin Halvorson in Edmonton-Manning, Jennifer Peace in Edmonton-Riverbend, Wesley Janke in Edmonton-Strathcona, Daniel Hunter in Foothills, Shawn McLean in Grande Prairie-Mackenzie, Ann McCormack in Lakeland, Mardon Day in Red Deer-Lacombe, Kelly Lorencz in Red Deer-Mountain View, John Wetterstrand in Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan, and Michael Manchen in Yellowhead,

  • I am maintaining?an updated list of nominated federal election ndidates in Alberta. Please drop a comment below if I am missing anyone. Thank you.
Alberta Politics

Jagmeet Singh is coming to Alberta. Derek Sloan is running in Alberta?

New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh will be the first party leader to visit Alberta in this election mpaign when he stops in Edmonton on August 19.

Singh will be spending his whole day in Edmonton-Griesbach starting with a 9:30am health re announcement outside the East Edmonton Health Centre and a 1:15pm “whistle stop event” at the Bellevue Community Hall at in support of lol ndidate Blake Desjarlais and other ndidates in the pital city.

Desjarlais is Director of Public Affairs & National Operations for the Metis Settlements General Council and the former Co-Chair of Alberta’s Indigenous Climate Leadership Summit. The NDP are pouring some resources into the riding, including support from Edmonton-Strathcona NDP MP Heather McPherson, in hopes that Desjarlais n unseat second-term Conservative MP Kerry Diotte.

Unlike the last election, a few Alberta NDP MLAs are mpaigning alongside the federal NDP. Popular Edmonton-Highlands-Norwood MLA Janis Irwin has lent her support and her extensive social media reach to Desjarlais (she ran against Diotte in 2015), as has Edmonton-Rutherford MLA Richard Feehan, who served as Minister of Indigenous Relations from 2016 to 2019.

Meanwhile, as Graham Thomson writes in ipolitics today, unlike the last federal election mpaign, Premier Jason Kenney is now seen as a liability for his federal Conservative brethren. The Premier’s Office has said that Kenney is currently on vation.

Ontario MP Derek Sloan running in Banff-Airdrie?

Derek Sloan speaking to a crowd in lgary.Derek Sloan speaking to a crowd in lgary. (source: Facebook)

Independent Ontario MP Derek Sloan has spent the past month travelling around Alberta speaking to increasingly large crowds of anti-vaxxer and COVID-19 conspiracy theorists. Videos on his social media accounts show he has recently spoken at evangelil-style events in Airdrie, lgary, mrose, Claresholm, Cochrane, Red Deer and St. Albert.

The first-term MP from Hastings-Lennox and Addington was kicked out of the Conservative ucus in January 2021 after making numerous controversial statements about abortion and LGBTQ issues, and accepting a donation from a neo-Nazi.

Sloan apparently sees Alberta as his new politil home, beuse in an email to his supporters today he pledged to never leave and “Make Alberta Great Again!” as he plans to make an important announcement in the town of Cochrane tomorrow. Rumours has it that the life-long Ontarian plans to run as an Independent ndidate in Banff-Airdrie, where incumbent Conservative MP Blake Richards is seeking re-election.

Federal Conservatives endorse Senate Nominee ndidates

The federal Conservative Party has endorsed three ndidates in the upcoming Senate Nominee election to select two nominees to submit to the Prime Minster of appointment tot he upper chamber.

Lobbyist and former United Conservative Party president Erika Barootes, right-wing activist and former municipal election ndidate Pam Davidson and nadian Ukrainian Free Trade Agreement Association president Mykhailo Martyniouk will have the endorsement of the federal party in the October elections.

Newly nominated federal election ndidates

  • The Liberal Party has nominated Leah McLeod in Battle River-Crowfoot, Jessi Dale-Walker in lgary-Nose Hill, Dan mpbell in Grande Prairie-Mackenzie, and Hannah Wilson in Medicine Hat-rdston-Warner.
  • The Communist Party of nada has nominated ndidates Jonathan Trautman in lgary-Forest Lawn,? Alex Boykowich in Edmonton-Griesbach and Naomi Rankin in Edmonton-Mill Woods.
  • The Green Party has nominated Daniel Brisbin in Battle River-Crowfoot.
  • The Maverick Party has replaced Doug Karwandy with Jeff Golka in Battle River-Crowfoot.
  • The Christian Heritage Party has nominated former Wildrose ndidate Jeff Willerton in Sturgeon River-Parkland and Derek Vanspronsen in lgary-Heritage. Previously announced lgary-Heritage ndidate Larry Heather is now running in lgary-Nose Hill.

I am maintaining?an updated list of nominated federal election ndidates in Alberta. Please drop a comment below if I am missing anyone. Thank you.

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Liberals nominate Leslie Penny in Peace River-Westlock, Khalis Ahmed runs for NDP in lgary-Nose Hill

The first full day of the 2021 federal election has passed. I spoke with CBC Edmonton on Edmonton AM and RadioActive about some of the races to watch in Edmonton in the federal election. I will have a post expanding on this up in a few days, but, in the meantime, here are the latest ndidate nominations in Alberta:

  • Barrhead town councillor Leslie Penny has been nominated as the Liberal Party ndidate in Peace River-Westlock. Penny was the Liberal Party ndidate in this district in the 2019 federal election and ran for the Alberta Liberal Party in Barrhead-Morinville-Westlock in the 2008 and 2012 provincial elections. Penny announced earlier this month that she would not seek re-election to Barrhead Town Council after serving two-terms.
  • Khalid Ahmed is the NDP ndidate in lgary-Nose Hill, according to a report in the lgary Herald. Ahmed was the NDP ndidate in the 2017 by-election in lgary-Heritage and 2015 and 2019 elections in lgary-Signal Hill.
  • The Green Party has nominated Keiran Corrigall in lgary-Signal Hill, Janna So in lgary-Skyview, and Brian Deheer in Fort McMurray-Cold Lake. Deheer has run numerous times for the Green Party in federal and provincial elections and twice for the leadership of the Green Party of Alberta.
  • John Kuhn has withdrawn as the separatist Maverick Party ndidate in Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan. Kuhn served as Mayor of the Town of Bassano from 2007 to 2008.
  • The Christian Heritage Party has nominated Tom Lipp in Bow River and Larry Heather in lgary-Heritage. Lipp was his party’s ndidate in this district in 2019 and Heather is a perennial ndidate who has run in too many elections to list in this post.

I am maintaining an updated list of nominated federal election ndidates in Alberta. Please drop a comment below if I am missing anyone. Thank you!

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MLA Laila Goodridge jumps into federal politics, leaving an opening for Brian Jean to run in a Fort McMurray-Lac La Biche by-election

Fort McMurray-Lac La Biche United Conservative Party MLA Laila Goodridge has been appointed as the federal Conservative Party ndidate in Fort McMurray-Cold Lake following MP David Yurdiga’s decision to withdraw his ndidacy on the day the election was lled for September 20, 2021.

David Yurdiga MP Fort McMurray-Cold LakeDavid Yurdiga

Yurdiga has represented the northern Alberta district since running in a 2014 by-election to replace former MP Brian Jean.

Goodridge has represented the northern Alberta district since running in a 2018 by-election to replace former MLA Brian Jean.

Goodridge was appointed parliamentary secretary responsible for Alberta’s francophonie in June 2019. Before her by-election win she worked as a politil staffer in Fort McMurray and Ottawa and ran for the Wildrose Party in Grande Prairie-Wapiti in the 2015 election.

Her sudden entry into federal politics and almost certain election to parliament in this very safe Conservative seat (neither a Liberal or NDP ndidate have been nominated yet – but the Maverick Party has a ndidate) means that a provincial by-election will be triggered in the next six months.

Brian Jean lgary Stampede AlbertaBrian Jean

This will be the first by-election since Premier Jason Kenney’s UCP formed government in April 2019. Amid Kenney’s plummeting approval ratings, his party’s drop in the public opinion polls and lacklustre fundraising, a by-election in what should be a safe UCP riding will be interesting litmus test for the Premier.

Rachel Notley’s NDP are likely eager to contest a by-election, but they probably hoped their first chance would be in lgary or a friendlier lole. The NDP didn’t win this seat in the Orange Wave of 2015 and their ndidate, Wood Buffalo municipal councillor Jane Stroud, placed a distant second in the 2018 by-election and 2019 general election.

Expectations of an NDP win in Fort McMurray-Lac La Biche in 2021 would be low – though winning this by-election would be a big win for the NDP and a massive blow for the UCP – and Kenney.

A provincial by-election in Fort McMurray-Lac La Biche will also offer Brian Jean a chance to leave the sidelines after four years of sniping at Kenney on social media and the Postmedia opinion pages. Jean left elected politics after Kenney and a kamikaze mpaign defeated him in the 2017 UCP leadership race but he has remained a harsh critic of Kenney’s leadership and has publicly flirted with Alberta separatism.

Todd Loewen, former MLA Wayne Anderson, Brian Jean, and Drew Barnes at the lgary Stampede BBQ in July 2021. (Source: Facebook)Todd Loewen, former MLA Wayne Anderson, Brian Jean, and Drew Barnes at the lgary Stampede BBQ in July 2021. (Source: Facebook)

Jean is rumoured to be considering running for the Alberta Party leadership and was spotted at the Stampede BBQ hosted by UCP MLAs-in-exile Drew Barnes and Todd Loewen last month in lgary. He lled on Kenney to resign in June, but it did not spark the rebellion that he may have hoped his words would have inspired.

A Brian Jean win in a Fort McMurray-Lac La Biche by-election could be the ultimate blow to Kenney that Jean is hoping to deliver.

A by-election in Fort McMurray-Lac La Biche will need to be lled before February 16, 2022.

The federal Liberal Party continues to nominate ndidates in Alberta following yesterday’s federal election ll, including the following ndidates who were nominated yesterday:

  • Scott Forsyth in lgary-Heritage
  • Zarnab Zafar in lgary-Midnapore
  • Olumide Adewumi in Red Deer-Mountain View
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Liberal Party has nominated 20 ndidates, Marxist-Leninists name 5 ndidates in Alberta

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is visiting Governor General Mary Simon this morning to ask the House of Commons to be dissolved and election to be lled. About 3,000 kilometres west of the national pital, the Liberal Party is still scrambling to nominate ndidates to run in the impending federal election.

The Liberals have nominated 20 ndidates in Alberta’s 34 electoral districts, including two new ndidates yesterday:

  • John Turvey is the Liberal Party ndidate in Lakeland. Turvey is an instructor at Lakeland College.
  • Paula Shimp is the Liberal Party ndidate in Foothills. Shimp was the Alberta Liberal ndidate in rdston-Taber-Warner in the 2004 provincial election.

The NDP are also behind in nominating ndidates in Alberta, with 13 ndidates nominated across the province. The latest being Grumit Bhachu in lgary-Midnapore. Bhachu was the NDP ndidate in this district in the 2019 federal election.

The Communist Party of nada (Marxist-Leninist) has nominated ndidates Kevan Hunter in lgary-Confederation, Merryn Edwards in Edmonton-Centre, Mary Joyce in Edmonton-Griesbach, Andre Vachon in Edmonton-Manning, and Peggy Morton in Edmonton-West.

Eden Gould is running in lgary-Centre for the Animal Protection Party of nada.

For more, see the full list of federal election ndidates in Alberta.

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Janet Eremenko enters Alberta NDP nomination race in lgary-Currie, challenging former MLA Brian Malkinson

Janet Eremenko is running for the Alberta NDP nomination in lgary-Currie, kicking off a contested nomination race in the south west lgary district. Eremenko will face former MLA Brian Malkinson at a yet to be scheduled nomination vote.

“Jason Kenney was elected on a promise of delivering jobs and economic growth, and over half-way through his mandate, he has failed to deliver on any of his promises,” Eremenko said in a press release.

“Rachel Notley has a positive vision for Alberta’s future. One that diversifies our economy and creates jobs for Albertans while taking action on climate change and protecting the environment,” Eremenko said. “I want to make sure lgary-Currie is a part of that vision, and a part of defeating Kenney in the next election.”

Eremenko was the NDP ndidate in the neighboring lgary-Elbow in the 2019 election, where she placed third with 23 per cent of the vote behind United Conservative Party ndidate Doug Schweitzer and Alberta Party MLA Greg Clark.

She was also a ndidate for lgary City Council in Ward 11 in the October 2017 election.

Eremenko will face Malkinson, who represented lgary-Currie from 2015 until his narrow defeat to UCP ndidate Nicholas Milliken in 2019. Malkinson was Alberta’s Minister of Service Alberta from 2018 to 2019.

Before Malkinson’s election in 2015, the district was represented by Progressive Conservative MLA Christine Cussanelli from 2012 to 2015 and Dave Taylor from 2004 to 2010 as a Liberal MLA and 2011 to 2012 as an Alberta Party MLA.

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Liberals announce ndidates in Banff-Airdrie, lgary-Forest Lawn, lgary-Signal Hill and Edmonton-Strathcona

With a federal election expected to be lled on Sunday for a September 20 Election Day, the Liberal Party has announced a number of newly nominated ndidates in Alberta:

  • Jordan Stein in lgary-Forest Lawn. Stein was the Liberal ndidate in lgary-Confederation in the 2019 federal election and Alberta NDP ndidate in lgary-Glenmore in the 2019 provincial election.
  • David Gamble in Banff-Airdrie. Gamble was the Liberal ndidate in lgary-Klein in the 2015 provincial election and briefly considered running for the 2021 Liberal nomination in lgary-Confederation.
  • Shawn Dunn in lgary-Signal Hill
  • Hibo Mohamed? in Edmonton-Strathcona. Mohamed is the executive assistant to the CEO of YW Edmonton and is the former president of the University of Alberta mpus Liberal club. She was an Alberta Party volunteer in the 2019 provincial election.